Why eSolution Providers

E-Solution Providers is a division of V Group Inc. that has a strong expertise in design and development of responsive e-commerce websites on multiple e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Drupal, ProStore, OS Commerce, Yahoo, and Amazon Webstore.
Headquartered in Cranbury, NJ, we have off shore operations in India; providing faster turnaround and low priced solutions to our clients across North America and Europe. We not only help sellers to setup new ecommerce stores but also migrate existing sites from one ecommerce platform to another....read more>>

Our Involvement

Design ideas

  • Design IdeasThe world wide web is constantly evolving, whether that be with the latest trends in design and its standards– big header images, large photographic backgrounds, etc, or with the latest technologies – Adobe Photoshop CS6, Flash, HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, and so on. It's important us to keep up with these ever changing trends and tools within our culture.

Development life cycle

  • Development life cycleDeveloping information for the Web requires a focus on meeting user needs. To accomplish this, our methodology involves six elements and these six continuously ongoing processes: Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Innovation...

CMS customization

  • CMS customizationOur team is highly skilled at customizing popular CMS like WordPress,Drupal, OSC, Magento etc. This includes designing, integration of templates and creation of new plugins/components as per your requirements. Our team can start from scratch, with a CMS of your choice, or can help with the integration of new features to your existing site.

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